Cacao Ceremony - Everything you need to know

Cacao Ceremony with Tibetan Singing Bowls

What if we revealed to you, a world where Cacao is used as a powerful source of healing and meditation? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Raw, ceremonial cacao has been used to unleash a state of euphoria and pure energy for centuries and remains the star ingredient of cacao ceremonies that are all the rage in the west. The botanical healer Theobroma cacao translates to “Food for the Gods”. It has been used for eons in ceremonial settings throughout South America and Mesoamerica, dating back to almost 1900 BC. Used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes around the globe, the Cacao in itself is a powerful plant medicine with incredible healing qualities that are absent from the processed cacao we devour today. Although, cacao comes from the same cocoa bean used to make chocolate but this cacao is unlike any chocolate you are used to having.

So what exactly is a Cacao Ceremony?

For those with no prior knowledge of shamanic rituals, this might sound a little far-fetched but is indeed proven to be an outlet to connect to yourself while opening your heart and balancing the energies within oneself. Think of cacao ceremonies as a safe space; a sacred ritual of gratitude, empathy and seeking positive energy from the cosmos. Attendees may sit in a circle and begin a shamanic prayer to honor the spirit of the cacao, revealing the intentions they want to be heard. They let go of all the negative energy they wish to part with and all they want to call their hearts to as they sip the sacred concoction made of pure water, raw cacao, cacao butter, palm nectar, and a combination of spices including ginger, cinnamon, chili and cardamom.

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The benefits of a Cacao Ceremony

Ceremonial cacao works like magic for opening up your heart chakra; the center of love, wisdom and wellness. It enhances your meditative skills by allowing you to tap into and connect with your wisdom and inner spirit. A wonderful source to seek inspiration from, cacao helps you findbalance and mental clarity as you are reminded of your abilities and talents with profound ease. You reconnect with your life’s purpose as you find stress and anxiety lifting off of your shoulders. A surge of energy will enter your body to help you power through the day while also balancing your blood sugar levels. Cacao is known as an excellent source of dopamine and endorphins; the bliss molecule. Don’t be surprised if you are filled with a renewed sense of ecstasy and joy. Cacao ceremonies are also said to be pathways to creativity. After a session you might find that you'll be overflown by ideas and inspiration.

A Cacao Ceremony is not just meditation and prayer alone.

Music and dancing is an essential component of the overall vibe. Tibetan singing bowls, the magical musical tools hailing from the Himalayas aid the healing process in the ceremonies. Attendees feel their souls relax as the sonic vibrations evoking from singing bowls synchronize in perfect harmony with our brain waves. When the mallet strikes the rim of these copper bowls, the harmonic sounds break your stress-cycle and evoke a sense of serenity within you. Sway to their tune as the singing bowls play their part in aligning the chakras, causing them to self-correct. The ideal musical instrument, the singing bowls are the magical ingredient in the recipe of spiritual awakening and wellness that the world craves.

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